Hi, I'm Tilghman,
I'm a motion designer and artist raised on a strict diet of Jackie Chan, sweet raw fish, deep 3's, and late 20th-Century New York. I've been slinging pixels since Lost was on TV and I've worked with HBO, Twitch, and Ford.
The only thing I take seriously is my work and in my free-time I pretend to be a sushi chef.
I'm infatuated with combining photo-real VFX and traditional art. My professional work typically limited to either 2D or 3D, so I bridge dimensions in my spare time.
I've become a Houdini fanatic since Covid hit.. I'm terrible with social media but have a solid understanding of motion graphics, visual effects, cinematography and traditional art.

'I love gold'

Focus & Specialization

small scale liquids, slow motion, gold

Particles & Grains
sand, snow, gold flakes & bits, 

 smoke, VDB's, clouds, VDB masks & reveals, gold smoke if you ask

advanced cloth sims, collisions & dynamics, gold trim

General F*ckery
also experienced in mind melting

SideFX Houdini
preferred 3D VFX and motion graphics package
Solaris (USD) pipelines - rendering Redshift

Maxon Cinema 4D
my relationship with Cinema has lasted longer than 30% of American marriages.
rendering Redshift, & Octane
Adobe After Effects
& Substance Painter
along with the usual suspects (Illustrator, Photoshop, & Premiere)

The Foundry Nuke
basic understanding of 3d multi-pass compositing and feel comfortable in Nuke pipelines.

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