Tilghman Wendel is a multimedia artist raised on a strict diet of Jackie Chan, mutilated raw fish, and Late 20th-Century New York. Although driven by the obscure, his studies of motion-design run the gamut of artificial movement.
He finds inspiration among the often contentious aesthetic of digital and traditional art. This fascinating conflict is where he's discovered motion and color to have the most intricate, yet provocative flavor.
Weaving 2D, 3D, and even frame-by-frame animation, Tilghman builds harmony among the strength of these disciplines. With a focus on title animations, character design, product sequences, and the downright absurd - his regard for the creative process inspires dynamic results.
His work has danced under the thumbs of millions alongside clients like HBO, Red Bull, The Fat Jew, and Twitch. Using truth and humor, it is Tilghman's ethos to create an indelible message with intergalactic appeal.