The Classics

Throwbacks, winners, losers, and other motion madness.

Client: Red Bull
Producer: Luke House
Director: Tilghman Wendel
Lead Motion Designer: Tilghman Wendel
Various Red Bull packages
Much of my early commercial work came by way of Red Bull and their involvement in the greater sports world. My shift from photography & film to motion graphics was made possible through my relationship with Red Bull.
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Client: JBL / Spec Animation
3D Motion Designer: Tilghman Wendel
Physically Based Render Engines
With the snap of a finger the world of animation had become engulfed by VFX rendering. The line between motion graphics and photo-real graphics began to blur at the dawn of these accessible, super-fast GPU render engines. This was my deep-dive in to the latest, industry standard technology. And, well, because I love a good speaker.
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Client: Spec Animation
Motion Designer: Tilghman Wendel
2D + 3D Motion Graphics
I was always intrigued by the combination of different animation mediums. This was my effort in harmonizing 2D art with a 3D character (paper airplane). The bulk of these elements were hand-drawn in Procreate and composited in attempt to create a cohesive scene.
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Client: Echo Magnetic
Motion Designer: Tilghman Wendel
The Beginning
Echo Magnetic is my LLC and I took it upon myself to design and animate the logo (I say that like I had a choice). The identity of the studio was based around all-things-science, so creating a logo at the center of a magnetic field was the right move. The anatomy of the logo begged to be animated, leading to a variety of moving elements exploring it's winding figure.
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