HBO + WarnerMedia

An animated merger between HBO's iconic history and WarnerMedia's motion palette.

Client: HBO x WarnerMedia
Studio: Gameday Creative
Director: Eric Say
Producer: Scott Flato
Motion Designer: Tilghman Wendel

An Historic Convergence
I had the pleasure of animating the visuals for HBO's inaugural town hall meeting under the new ownership of WarnerMedia. On the heels of the HBO Max app, WarnerMedia ordered a graphics package that would break the HBO logo out of its mold. Built on a color palette of glistening gold, this graphics package was as much a mission statement as it was an appreciation of rich, storytelling history. 

Making HBO's logo expand, shimmy and shuffle was a delicate dance. The Home Box Office has long been a towering, yet static symbol - giving it a new identity was an articulate procedure of trial and error.

The package also included several lower thirds overlays, helping usher in the people and property that will make the HBO x WarnerMedia a continued force to be reckoned with.
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