_Broadcast Motion

A photo-real broadcast package for the famed Mecum brand and their timeless aesthetic. Visually inspired by Mecum's comprehensive history of automobiles, these animations are a study in elegance and class, with over a century of vehicle design and progression.

Client: Mecum
Studio: Gameday Creative
Director: Eric Say
Producer: Scott Flato
3D Lead Motion Designer: Tilghman Wendel

Research & Build-out
Mecum wanted to solidify their brand as the world’s largest auto collector. The design package was built to satisfy broadcast imagery as well as their on-site live auction events. Leaning on physically based design trends, Mecum’s logo called for a timeless car emblem with vintage fidelity.

Style Frames & Looks
To compliment a photo-real logo construction, we used several contrasting techniques. The red Mecum swoosh was constructed by way of box-modeling, lending to an organic and imperfect element. To achieve the look of mass-produced pressed plastic, volume modeling was used, providing a round, bubbly mold.

Broadcast deliverables
The final build was a tangible, pressed motor mascot, giving us an excellent foundation for motion. To further engage our audience we modeled a neon sign, providing lustrous transitions and creating contrast with the emblem. To compliment the design, we leaned on contemporary sports animation to make our elements dance as one.

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